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  • Jump-starting America’s economy into record growth
  • Reforming immigration laws & being tough on crime
  • Fighting against job-killing regulations that hinder economic growth
  • Removing Obamacare Mandate & bringing down healthcare costs for consumers
  • Working hand-in-hand with law enforcement to protect our communities
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Bryan Steil

for Congress – District 1

Bryan Steil proudly serves the people of Southeast Wisconsin in Congress. He is known to be a reformer, problem solver and steadfast advocate for Wisconsin values.

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Julian Bradley

for Senate – District 28

Julian Bradley is passionate about preserving conservative values and standing up for what he believes in. He started his career by making phone calls and knocking on doors, and now he is ready to put his leadership skills to the test as State Senator.

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Amy Loudenbeck

for Assembly – District 31

Amy Loudenbeck is seeking re-election to a sixth term. She is a proud conservative leader and an engaged public servant who has taken on many different positions in both local and state government.

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Tyler August

for Assembly – District 32

Tyler August is a lifelong resident of Walworth County and has deep family roots in the area. He knows what Walworth County families need to prosper and thrive.

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Cody Horlacher

for Assembly – District 33

Cody Horlacher is a lifelong resident of Southeastern Wisconsin and an active Republican leader. He is on a mission to promote conservative principles and a positive vision for the future.

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Kim Bushey

for County Clerk

Kim Bushey has proudly served as Walworth County Clerk since 1997. She is a Wisconsin native and has served the state in a variety of roles.

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Valerie Etzel

for County Treasurer

Valerie Etzel was first elected to be Walworth County Treasurer in 2012 and currently serves as President of the Wisconsin Counties Treasurers’ Association. She is looking forward to a fourth term so she can continue to spread the Republican message.

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Zeke Wiedenfeld

for District Attorney

Zeke Wiedenfeld has trusted prosecution experience and is endorsed by over 100 members of Walworth County law enforcement. He has successfully prosecuted a wide variety of cases from traffic to some of the most violent cases.

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Michele Jacobs

for Register of Deeds

Michele Jacobs has proudly served Walworth County for over 15 years. She will use her public service experience and knowledge to responsibly maintain our records with care and respect.